About CKT

20 years ago, Mr. Chiang Kuang Tsan was the coach of Taiwan National Team. From his own experience, he thought there should be a new development in the bicycle industry. So in 1990 he decided to build up his own brand - CKT (Carbon Knowledge Team). Our Company always focuses on engineering and technology. And in recent years, CKT has devoted itself to products development, which emphasizes stronger materials, greater functions and better uses. Through our development, the company aims to make products that are lighter, perform better and cater for the needs of the professional bicycle riders. Hence, we could proudly say producing the high quality bicycles is the goal of this brand. And in order to create its own style, Mr. Chiang always has many new design concepts for CKT’s frames, for example, the monocoque rear end, inside cable wire and derailleur line and extended seat post, and so forth. And at least twice a year, Mr. Chiang would go to Europe, Japan and China for the data collecting to lighten the frame, increase strength, etc. The Road bicycle frame is the main product of CKT, and also the main marketing of CKT is in Europe. We chose this location, we believe, because Europe is considered a trendsetter in bicycle design and also because of the ideas and trends in racing bike tradition. The production technologies and management capabilities that have cultivated through CKT’s business and the promotion of our branded products and sales channels have led to sustained growth. On account of the great function and the unique design, today more and more people know about CKT and even in Asia also. For CKT, bicycle is not only a traditional industry or a kind of transportation. In its mind, “ The art of combining speed and weight ! ” is the true value of bicycle.
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